Aw…Wig Out!

      Two p!ay hair lounge hairstylists & one cosmetology student were given the same style/color of wig to do with as they pleased.  Each ran their own way with it!  See how different the final results are and hear a bit from each stylist about the experience-  Photography by Todd Jones-                                                             



JESSICA (Hairstylist):
(Make-up by Aly)
What did you think when Brig first approached you with the idea of doing anything you wanted to a wig? I was definitely excited, but I think my first thought was, “How on earth am I going to create something out of nothing?”
How did you come up with your inspiration? My starting point was one of my favorite time periods in hairstyling- the 1920’s. I’ve always been a fan of finger waves, but truth be told, they’ve been done a million times. I wanted to use them to create something new and modern, that I hadn’t seen done before. So I decided to create an elegant “clash” of two time periods by combining two very different and recognizable styles: the finger wave and the mo hawk.
What challenges did you face? When you’re creating something solely from a vision in your imagination, it can be difficult to physically create exactly what you’re seeing in your head. There were a few times I thought about completely scrapping my entire idea because I’d spent so long working and molding and changing the wig, that I couldn’t see the good in it anymore. Everything starts to look wrong if you stare at it long enough.

Hair by Jessica

In the end, how did you feel about your work? Fantastic! As soon as my entire look came together on the model, I was amazed. She actually looked good! I think there was still some small part of me that was convinced that something wasn’t going to turn out quite right. So I was pretty proud of myself when all the little details I’d been putting together in my head for so long came together in reality.
Would you do it again?  Absolutely! It was a great experience that I’m so glad I got to be a part of.
What was the best thing you learned from this wig challenge? That it’s okay to change! The end result of this challenge turned out quite different from the very first picture I had in my head. But as I worked on the wig and put my look together, I’d have to make small tweaks to that picture based off what was really happening. I think I’ve always found change to be very stressful, and not too long ago, I’m pretty sure I would have been upset that my end result wasn’t what I’d originally wanted. But I learned to adapt, and in the end, I wouldn’t change a thing about how it all turned out.  


Hair by Celeste

CELESTE (Web Community Director & Cosmetology Student):
(Make-up by Sam)
Celeste tells her story- Roughly 6 weeks ago Brig handed me a short, blonde, banged wig and said to do ANYTHING with it. Cut it! Color it! Change it!
I looked to magazines for inspiration. I ripped photos from all kinds of magazines, from Nylon and Vogue, to edgier magazines like Hunger and Flaunt, to magazines like Glamour and Cosmo. I tore for a few weeks shredding 2-3 magazines a day searching for inspiration. I wanted to do something that was out of my comfort zone. I didn’t want to do something ‘easy’ or predictable.   Finally I after a few weeks I was flipping through one of the magazines and I came across a 2 page Volcom ad. I immediately felt like, “THIS!” I tore it and added it to my inspiration folder immediately. The picture was of a black asymmetrical bob haircut and dramatic white and pink eye makeup. With that as the primary inspiration I added more pictures to my pile to create my final wig. I took the dramatic colors of the eye makeup and incorporated it into the wig. With edgy hair comes an edgy outfit! But I wanted to keep it feminine as well.
First I freehand cut the wig in Brig’s backyard and it gave me such an enthusiasm for hair cutting.  

Hair by Celeste

Coloring the wig was a huge adventure! The wig was three different colors and it was the greatest learning experience that COLORS BLEED! Note to self- Haha. I sectioned the wig first into the part that I wanted black and covered the hair that I didn’t want black. I applied the formula and let it process then it was time for the fun stuff… PINK! I sectioned out the blonde I wanted to keep and the rest I really saturated the pink into the hair. I let that process and when it came time to rinse it out I had to be super super careful to not let the pink bleed into the blonde. It was challenge that I overcame and made for a great lesson to remember!

Hair by Brig

BRIG (Hairstylist & Creator of this challenge):
(Make-up by Allison)
How did you come up with the idea for three of you to create a unique look starting with the same style wig?
After Jessica helped me on a previous wig shoot, I challenged her to create a cut, color & style on a wig I gave to her.  They were on clearance and I thought it would be a very fun adventure for her.  Well, I ended up buying 4 of the same wig, so I also invited Celeste, who is in cosmetology school, to do the same.  All in all, I wanted to do one too & thought it would make for a fun Saturday night shoot.  I felt it was important that each of us established our inspiration prior to discussing it among each other.  I wanted the looks to go in different directions.  Each of us were responsible for our model, make-up artist & wardrobe.    Usually I will spend weeks/months in the planning of a shoot.  I decided to switch it up and fly by the seat of my pants with this one.  I cut and “colored” my wig at the shoot.  I flat ironed it the day before so I could dry cut it while it was on my model Kristin.  This year I have done some pretty elaborate wig work, so this was my turn to keep it simple and almost gritty.  I was trying my hardest to avoid “pretty” hair. 

Hair by Brig

What inspired your creation?  I was inspired by a fashion layout I saw in Paper Magazine.  The model looked liked she’d had a hard weekend.  Her hair looked unwashed and dull.  I was drawn to the juxtaposition of what I usually do.  
What challenge did you face?  Finding the right model that could pull off this look stumped me for a minute, until I remembered meeting Kristin when she got her hair done by Allison.  She was beautiful & I welcomed the challenge of transforming her into a “character” for the shoot.  I joked that she was from Seattle, skateboards, photographs cool stuff & only showers twice a week.  We named her “Leigh”. She’s tough.
In the end, how did you feel about your work?  It wasn’t anything you haven’t seen before, however I was happy with the simplicity of it.  I definitely think I took the “wig” look out of the wig,  It looked believable as her own hair even though it was far from her long brunette locks!   Overall I had the most wonderful time challenging Jessica & Celeste to go for it! They truly both turned out unique hair designs and I look forward to watching them at future shoots.

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We shot our models at a carnival!