At the Emmys: KTLA 5 featured Brig!

   It was thrilling to be featured on KTLA CW tonight talking about Emmy Awards Show hairstyles!  A huge thank you to Jessica Hecker for all of her help with all three models & my hairstyle! -Brig

On Air!

Here are the details for each model:

“Neon Blonde”
Haircut & Color by Jena Wright            Make-up by Celeste Johnson
Styled with Bumble & bumble Styling Wax
Dress from Alicia + Olivia
Boots from Forever 21
Ginnifer Goodwin walked the red carpet tonight with a similar cropped cut.  So sexy!

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“Baby Blonde”
Hair color by Brig Van Osten
Styled with Bumble & bumble products:
Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil
Straight Blowdry
Styling Lotion
Spray de Mode
Wardrobe from TARGET.

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Hayden Panettiere Made her appearance on the carpet with something similar.











“Iced Pink”
Hair color & cut by Brig Van Osten
Pravana VIVIDs Haircolor used to create Iced Pink
Styled with Bumble & bumble-

This style was seen on the red carpet worn by Christina Hendrix
and the color was inspired by Kelly Osborne but with a pink hue instead of lavender gray.



How to recreate:

Before blowdrying, mist damp hair with:
Thickening Hairspray
Styling Lotion
Surf Spray
Next take 2″ sections and wrap around 1″ curling iron for 10 seconds or less.  Pin clip the coiled up curl to set while it cools.
Use Spray de Mode Hairspray on each section to prevent heat damage prior to wrapping it around iron.
Curling iron- Enzo Milano Clipless 1″
Remove all clips and using a paddle brush, brush into waves.
Finish with 1 drop of Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil. Rub oil together in your palms gently work over hair.
Dress- Elizabeth & James

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Jessica touches up Taylor's hair