Featured Artist- Heather Bickston

Heather Bickston is a 29 year old, starving artist who currently lives in the former coat closet of a converted hotel in Long Beach. She has been drawing all her life, and has no formal training. Previously she had been working as a graphic artist in the apparel industry until the recession hit in 2008. Since then she has taken up photography, and is currently working as the assistant photographer. She has worked mainly with oils, ink, and pencil. Her biggest influences are her grandmother, Todd Schorr, Alex Garcia, and Steve Lawson. Upon completion of most of her work, she destroys it or gives it away. There is no rhyme or reason to her art, and the pieces are never planned out beforehand. In the artist’s own words “I just scribble out whatever is in my head at that moment. Sometimes I think it’s pretty and it makes me happy when other people agree.” A chronic procrastinator, she hopes to one day make enough money to buy a direction in life. There are no immediate plans to move out of the closet. Each signed original piece priced at $100. ¬†At p!ay until June 30th.