Dani Selvaggio – Featured Guest Artist

Born in Simi Valley, Dani embraces her Southern California roots as inspiration for her art. She graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, in 2005 and subsequently taught art at the San Francisco Children’s Art Center during the day. At night she studied life drawing through a joint University program, where she pretended to be an Italian foreign exchange student for a full semester for no particular reason except to see if she could get away with it (She did. Everyone was too polite to question it). She has since returned to the Los Angeles area where she now works full-time at Warner Bros. Entertainment and works part-time running a volunteer organization called “Good Juju.” As an all-the-time artist, Dani resuscitated her personal art career in 2006 and has been creating ever since. Her work is primarily done with acrylics and mixed media collage, with an emphasis on line. Her favorite artist is Gustav Klimt (classic), her favorite author is Christopher Moore (contemporary), and her favorite animals are unicorns (TBD). Check out her blog here.  Dani’s work is on display at p!ay through September 30th.