“An Imitation of Life” 
To Bryan Piperno, photography has taken a role as a purest form of expression, a window into longings, into pain, into the world he personally sees. Working with Erica Guenthner as a recurring model and collaborator, his images reflect a desire to expose the capricious nature of perception and of beauty. These images pull heavily from images of beauty and body alteration in early 20th century fashion; a glimpse into the conflicted idea of freedom and movement in a new era through new forms of self-containment. Foreign as the idea of a “corset to set you free” is to us today, it begs us to ask a deeper question about our own freedom within today’s societal parameters.  (At p!ay November-January)

Brig Van Osten, owner of p!ay hair lounge, has wanted to show Bryan’s collection of photographs for over 4 years.  Much of the hair, including color & some make-up, was brilliantly created by stylist, Samantha Swanson.