To brighten our space this holiday season,  we invited back 3 artists that have shown  at p!ay during 2011-12.   We are THRILLED by the outcome of their collective show and invite you to stop by to see it for yourself!

Meet the 3 artists:

Rachelle Ball : I grew up in Detroit, in a creative family and I’ve always loved artistic expression. I’ve learned that making something—anything—is such a satisfying way to unwind. Sometimes nothing feels better than to just close my eyes and let the paint glide through under my hands. I’m inspired the most at times of life’s biggest joys and equally it’s sorrows, yet the subject of my pieces consists mainly of women and fashion. If nothing else, I hope I can say I have inspired others through my art and stirred the soul! You can find more of my work at

by Rachelle Ball













Maria Mesick: I have my B.F.A. in Painting, from Cal State Northridge, and spent a year studying at the Accademia Di Belle Arte in Florence, Italy. My work started out as a study of more technical skills like figure drawing and photo realism. As I get older my work becomes more conceptual and experimental. My inspiration comes from sun dappled reflections on my bedroom wall and discarded piles of foliage. I like to work in abstract because I like to think that there is something not quite realized waiting just out of sight. I like to hint at these mysteries but am happier not to capture them. It gives me a great contentment to know there is a world of mystery out there and that some things will never be known. Each panting begins with random organic shapes cut out of heavy card stock. I do not plan my paintings and am always surprised by the end result.  Visit  or if you have any questions about commissioned work please contact me at

by Maria Mesick













Anita Coats:   Anita Coats grew up in the cozy suburbs of Simi Valley and credits the slow town for her excelled interest in art and creativity. This will be Anita’s fourth time displaying her tree paintings on the p!ay hair lounge walls… the most colorful business in Simi Valley! As well as painting, Anita is also an accomplished singer/songwiter and was recently selected as a Top Ten National Finalist in the VH1 and Whole Foods “Raw and Unprocessed” music competition. Although she did not take grand prize, she was not doubt a front runner in the contest. Find her music on iTunes and videos on Youtube and her ART…. right here at p!ay.

by Anita Coats