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Jessie Pitts found her voice while growing up on a farm in Alabama.  Her father, a musician, inspired her to sing and built her a stage in the family barn.  Now performing in front of a much larger audience on NBC’s The Voice, Jessie is wowing America with her sweet but strong voice and head turning long locks.   Her fans are worshiping her varying hairstyles on Pinterest and websites alike.   

Up until she sung her way into the Top 12, Jessie had never colored her hair.  Once given the chance, she knew it was time to turn up the blonde.  After one failed “too natural” attempt at a salon in California, Jessie’s cousin, Alabama based hairstylist Mallory Anderton, reached out to hairstylist Brig Van Osten via Facebook and begged her to help Jessie get show stopping dream hair in time for the next live show.  Since Jessie was sequestered in a hotel room during the filming of The Voice, that’s where the magic took place.  Brig, no stranger to reality TV, (she won Season 3 of Shear Genius), is all too familiar with that routine and jumped at the chance to help Jessie elevate her look. 

Brig:“As soon as I met Jessie, I knew this beautiful girl could pull off a bright, angelic blonde shade.  She looks like a doll.  Her hair is tremendous.  I kept Jessie’s hair healthy through the coloring process by using a high-lift color instead of bleach.”  &  “I added layers throughout Jessie’s hair to give it freedom and flavor without losing her signature length.”

Just days later, Jessie and Brig were joined by hairstylist Ceanna Bo Cerceo and make-up artist, Aly Frank both of Brig’s salon, p!ay hair lounge in Simi Valley, California for an exclusive Sophisticate’s Hairstyle Guide midnight photo shoot. The challenge to creating five unique looks for Jessie before she had to catch a morning flight home to Alabama made it super fun!  “We cranked up the tunes and played dress up.  Jessie was willing to experiment with hairstyles, wardrobe and make-up.”


Look #1- (Angel City)  *Gold Dress  

3-Angel City 10-3 Step Strip

Apply a dry texture spray to small sections of hair and wave with a triple barrel iron.  For Jessie’s fine hair, heat did not exceed 340 degrees.  Split the front section down the middle.  Back comb each side and roll tight to the head and secure with a bobby pin.  Once both rolls are secure, pull the tops upward to create the dramatic modern height.


Look #2-  (Retro Redux)  


4-Retro Redux

A quick change from Look #1- Gather all of the loose waved hair to one side and secure with a pony band.  Next lightly back comb that ponytail and roll towards the outside hairline and secure with hairpins.  Lightly dishevel the hair to keep it soft and airy.

 Look #3-  (Faux Fun) 

6-Faux Fun

Jessie got the novelty of bangs and short hair without the commitment.  This faux fringe was clipped onto her faux bob.  To create your own faux bob- Gather your hair into a loose ponytail at the nape of your neck.  Next roll your ponytail under and secure with pins.  Free a few shorter pieces at your face to create a more convincing “I chopped my hair off” look.   “Black & White clothes are definitely part of my signature, on stage style.” -Jessie


Look #4-  (Bohemian Rhapsody)  

Bohemian Rhapsody

Apply a volumizing foam to damp hair and blow dry lifting hair with hands. Next wrap large sections around a one-inch curling wand.  Now fold all hair to one side of your head and start a very loose three strand braid.  Continue gathering hair to the opposite side of your head.  Once complete, secure with a bobby pin and start another matching braid right behind the first.  When finished, spray with a flexible hairspray and use a tail comb to loosen the braids to create desired volume.

 Look #5- (80s Warrior Princess) 

8-80s warrior princess

 Apply a smoothing serum to damp hair and blow dry straight using a paddle brush. Next spray small section of hair with a heat protective spray and flat iron.  Pull hair into a high tight ponytail.  Back comb the ponytail then brush smooth and hairspray flat in your hand.  Next wrap the pony loosely over the top of head an secure with a couple of bobby pins.  Jessie’s hair was lightly misted with an iridescent hairspray.

 Exclusive Interview with Jessie Pitts-

How long have you been growing your hair? Well unintentionally I’ve been growing it out my whole life without a length in mind. I only get occasional trims when I have to! 


Have you ever had short hair? I cut my hair shoulder length when I was 12 for locks of love and while I was glad I could help a cause it looked so bad on me!


Growing up on a farm, what were your main go to styles? Ponytail! All day everyday!


How has being on The Voice and around such style icons as Gwen Stefani influenced your look? It has made me want to push my boundaries and think outside the box when it comes to my look and my Artistry. I want to try new and crazy things!


You’ve spent a healthy amount of time in California this year.  Has it changed the way you see fashion? Absolutely! In the same way the coaches have influenced my music, California had influenced my lifestyle! I just love the easy going and trendy way of life! I am so much more motivated to try different fashion trends and wear things that I wouldn’t usually! It’s fun! I love playing dress up!


How important is fashion to your overall brand as an artist? It’s very important, as an up and coming artist I’ve been working on branding myself in a unique way that intrigues people! I’ve been incredibly inspired my Gwen’s style. It’s important for me to establish myself as an individual now that my journey on the voice is over! I have to be something different to catch the world’s attention. 


Did you have a say in your appearance while on The Voice? Of course! They never dressed me in anything I didn’t want to wear and they totally were on board with the vision I have for my look


Describe your sound? The way I like to describe my voice is a more edgy Sara Braellis and a less edgy Ellie Goulding. Both are great artists but I want to be the first Jessie Pitts. I know there is a specific place for me in the music industry and I’m so excited to work my butt off to get there:)



Where can our readers listen to your music?

I will be working in writing music to release an album, which will eventually be on iTunes. As for right now I have 5 songs in iTunes that are recordings of my voice performances. In addition to that I also have a sound cloud account:)


Where can we see you next? I will be posting a lot of original music and covers on YouTube until my album is released. I also plan on doing some touring to nourish my fan base. I am hoping to be contracted to a record label in the next year. The future is bright and I’m so excited!


Future plans to collaborate with anyone special?

I would love to collaborate with Ed Sheeran or Sara Braellis. I hope to sing with some of the artists from my season of The Voice as well! 

Which was your favorite look from the shoot? My favorite look was the faux-bob with bangs! It was so fun and edgy. I love trying new things and pushing myself to think outside the box so that explains why this was my favorite :)


What inspired your dramatic hair color change?

I wanted to do something dramatic, create a signature thing! I’m really working on branding myself and I’m at such a pivotal moment in my life and a hair color change seemed like a good way to express that!


Do you like wearing make-up?

I love getting my makeup done! It’s makes me feel like a princess-it’s so glamorous! 


What is your daily run-around hairstyle when you are not on stage? I usually just wear my hair down or in a braid. I don’t blow dry so most of the time I’m walking around with my naturally dried hair.

What is your biggest challenge with your hair? Right now, tangles tangles, tangles!

 Do people think you have extensions? I have people ask me all the time!! And it’s fun to see their face when I tell them no!

Did you learn any beauty tricks from the beauty team on The Voice?  Definitely! Especially when it comes to makeup! I see beauty a whole new way!  It’s all about the contouring!

What advice can you give our readers who want to have long hair like yours? Rock it!! If your hair is long people respect it! It means you’re dedicated! 

What do you do to keep your hair from tangling when you sleep? I usually brush it really well before I sleep and put it in a braid that night 

Speaking of sleep… How crazy was this midnight photo shoot? SO CRAZY! I had a flight the next morning at 7:45 and we didn’t finish till 3:30 but it was so worth it! I had so much fun and I would do it again in a heartbeat!

Did you get any sleep before boarding your flight home?  I slept on the plane! There was no time! I still hadn’t packed when I got back from the shoot! 

A hair product you can’t live without? Bumble & bumble Dryspun Finish is my favorite!!!  It adds some messy texture to my very soft & fine hair.   They used it to set my hair in waves for this shoot.  

Anything else you’d like me to include??? I was so inspired by Sophisticate’s Hairstyle Guide! I am a lover of the magazine and love the crazy ideas that you see on the pages:)

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