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Bailey Clark-Featured Artist

BAILEY CLARK, artist    I am seventeen years old and I have been driven by my artistic aspirations since fourth grade.  My inspiration is rooted deep within nature and all of its beings. I am extremely inspired by animals and my friends who surround me with creativity and joy. I love adding celestial and whimsical details to each piece to alter the usual appearance or state of the subject.  I try to always keep my art different and interesting and strive to stray as far away from ordinary as possible. I am fascinated with giving a fantastical vibe to each piece and strive to embody myself through my art.  I will be continuing art into college; and as a freshman at the University of California, Santa Cruz, I have declared my major to be art.  I hope to learn and grow artistically throughout college and continuing...
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Thank you to artist Heather Bickston for creating this beautiful design:...
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